Anniversary Week #2 : Amanda Hendrickson Photography

Today just so happens to be my 3rd anniversary, so I thought I would share some of my wedding/bridal pictures with you guys. Mainly because I love them and I like to show them off at any chance I get. And yes that is me, for a short period of time I had very blonde hair. My photographer was Amanda Hendrickson and she is the cutest and she fit with what I had envisioned so well. I had never done pictures like this before so I went in to it really nervous but she was so great and made the whole experience so fun and comfortable. That is such a great and important quality for a photographer to have. 

I also wanted to take a second to be a little mushy. As most people who know me know, I'm not one who shares my emotions freely. I'm sure my husband of all people would agree with that, but for just a second I want to express how lucky I am to be married to this guy. He takes such good care of me and is so patient. Even though I am constantly running at a million miles an hour between work and school and the blog, he is right there to support me and reassure me that I am doing what is right when I start doubting myself. 
I know I don't express it as much as I should but I am so grateful that am the one who got to marry you and I appreciate everything you do for me more than you know. 
I love you Trav!


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