Baby Nixon's Four Month Update!

BFF's hanging out with their chew toys ;) - Dr. Brown's Flexees Teether

First Christmas 2015

Happy holidays! I cannot believe how fast time is going by, it's almost Christmas?! Unreal! We're pretty excited about this holiday season around here with it being Nixon's first! There's something magical about Christmas with a baby. 

This little dude is a busy body though, let me tell you what. He is sooo strong and is constantly wanting to stand and started rolling over before he was three months so now he is constantly rolling all over. I'm pretty sure he'll be crawling at any time at the rate he's going. He's also been chewing like crazy on his hands and so I gave him this Dr. Brown's Flexees teether and he LOVES it. It's flexible, easy for him to hold and has little bumps on the edges so it massages his gums. I'm not really sure if he's starting to get any teeth yet or not but this teether definitely keeps him busy! He's never been super reliant on pacifiers although he does use them sometimes in his carseat or swing just to occupy him but when he does use one, I love this pacifier from Dr. Brown's because it reduces suction which reduces future dental issues, something we all want to avoid, am I right? 
He's growing so fast and it is very bittersweet to me. One one hand I love seeing every new phase and thing he's learning and on he other hand I want to cry because four months has gone by in the blink of an eye and it only makes me worry how fast the years to come are going to go by. Theres so many things that I loved that he did when he was born that he already doesn't do anymore that I never caught on video, it breaks my heart! I'm definitely working on recording him more often so I always have it. 
It's been a difficult and amazing four months, I can't wait to see what is to come with this little guy. 

I hope you have a very merry Christmas! Stay safe while you're out and about this season!

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My Favorite Cyber Monday Deals

Happy Cyber Monday! I feel like Cyber Monday has better deals than Black Friday, plus who doesn't love online shopping??? I've rounded up some of my favorites below:

Mindy Mae's Market is having their HUGE sale with up to 70% off items! You can shop it HERE

Purple Peridot is 30% off site wide with the code BF2015. You can shop it HERE.

Nordstrom is 25% off select items. I've listed some of my favorites above that are under $50! You can shop the rest HERE

Old Navy is 40% off with the code BESTCYBER. I got a lot of cute baby things for the twins, and I'm so excited for them to arrive! You can shop the whole sale HERE. 

Enjoy your shopping! xox
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No Heat Curls + A Giveaway!

Happy Black Friday!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break :) Today I'm talking about Savvy Curls and how to achieve no heat curls! And yes-I am in my pajamas because I started this at night, and finished it up in the morning. And pajamas are really the only thing that fit me now ;)

My before hair. Make sure you are using freshly washed hair. Then apply a little bit of mousse throughout your hair and make sure it is completely dry before starting your savvy curler.

Wrap your hair in 1 inch sections, pulling in more hair every time. Make sure your hair is divided half in half so you wrap your hair away from your face.

This is what your hair will look like once it is completely wrapped. I slept in mine to make sure my curls were tighter. And it was super comfortable! If you want loose curls, make sure to leave in for 3-4 hours. This is great for when you're chasing kids around the house all morning ;) I'm trying to prepare myself for the twins! Haha!

I got ready this morning and kept the savvy curler in my hair. These are my results when I pulled my hair out! It's perfect for when you don't have time to sit there with a curling iron. It typically takes me about 30 minutes to curl my hair when I have fresh hair. I don't know if I'll have that kind of time while I'm adjusting to having newborn twins to take care of. When I can just put in the savvy curler at night and have nicely curled hair in the morning, it's going to make me feel more put together. 

I am very picky about how my hair is curled, and I LOVE how the savvy curler curled it! 

Savvy Curls is running a black Friday deal today! You can get 20% off your purchase with the code black at checkout HERE. You can also win a Savvy Curls band below! 

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A Few New Baby Must-Haves and Fall Family Pictures

I cannot believe that it's almost Thanksgiving! We love the holidays around here! It's such a fun but super busy time! This year is going to be even crazier with our new little guy but I'm looking forward to starting new family traditions with him. 
I've recently returned to work after my maternity leave so its been busy around our house (when is it not though, lets be honest.) but it's been a challenge to keep up on cleaning the million bottles and pacifiers. I've loved using the Dr Brown's drying rack though, I can wash a bunch of bottles and it helps lessen the amount of clutter that comes with air drying all of it. And it all folds down when its all dry so I can slip it into a cabinet because clutter on my counters really stresses me out so the less the better! 

I also make sure I never leave home without Dr Brown's Face and Nose wipes stashed in my favorite diaper bag. Nixon likes to make a mess when he eats so they are great to have ready to go for quick clean ups! 
Have you seen these Fawn Design diaper bags though?! They are the best. I'm obsessed with mine. There is so much space and I love that it's all leather inside and outside so it's easy to wipe clean if it gets dirty. I love wearing it like a backpack and I love even more that it doesn't feel super boxy or awkward when I wear it like that. It's seriously perfection. 
I'll put together a more complete baby must-haves list here soon with even more items that I've learned that I need now that Nixon is almost four months and I'm starting to get the hang of things and learning what works best. 

(Diaper bag: Fawn Design)

I also wanted to share some of our family pictures we had done this fall, I love them and just want to stare at them all day! It was a little windy and Nixon wasn't super into them but I think we still ended up with some great shots! We had them done by Truefeather photography and I can't wait to print them and hang them all over our house!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 


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Twin Maternity Pictures

Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (sold out in white. Other colors HERE. Other style HERE.)
Flower Crown: I made it myself
Location: Tibble Fork (American Fork Canyon)

I am officially 30 weeks tomorrow and nearing the end of my twin pregnancy! Crazy to think that I'm already this far along. Time has flown by! I wanted to do maternity pictures, but then I got swollen faster than I had expected. I debated back and forth about whether or not I was going to have them done. I've been very self conscious about it, and the fact that I only have a select few pairs of shoes that I can wear doesn't help. I knew that if I didn't get them done soon, I really wouldn't do it and then would regret not documenting part of my pregnancy. 

Lindsay made me feel SO comfortable while we were taking pictures (even though it was 30 degrees outside). I kept joking with her that she needed to photoshop a spray tan on me and make me skinny. Haha! 

I'm so happy I have these pictures to look back on. My babies safe and snuggled inside. They're getting so big (3 pounds each!) and I cannot wait to hold them in my arms.

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