Baby Nixon's Four Month Update!

BFF's hanging out with their chew toys ;) - Dr. Brown's Flexees Teether

First Christmas 2015

Happy holidays! I cannot believe how fast time is going by, it's almost Christmas?! Unreal! We're pretty excited about this holiday season around here with it being Nixon's first! There's something magical about Christmas with a baby. 

This little dude is a busy body though, let me tell you what. He is sooo strong and is constantly wanting to stand and started rolling over before he was three months so now he is constantly rolling all over. I'm pretty sure he'll be crawling at any time at the rate he's going. He's also been chewing like crazy on his hands and so I gave him this Dr. Brown's Flexees teether and he LOVES it. It's flexible, easy for him to hold and has little bumps on the edges so it massages his gums. I'm not really sure if he's starting to get any teeth yet or not but this teether definitely keeps him busy! He's never been super reliant on pacifiers although he does use them sometimes in his carseat or swing just to occupy him but when he does use one, I love this pacifier from Dr. Brown's because it reduces suction which reduces future dental issues, something we all want to avoid, am I right? 
He's growing so fast and it is very bittersweet to me. One one hand I love seeing every new phase and thing he's learning and on he other hand I want to cry because four months has gone by in the blink of an eye and it only makes me worry how fast the years to come are going to go by. Theres so many things that I loved that he did when he was born that he already doesn't do anymore that I never caught on video, it breaks my heart! I'm definitely working on recording him more often so I always have it. 
It's been a difficult and amazing four months, I can't wait to see what is to come with this little guy. 

I hope you have a very merry Christmas! Stay safe while you're out and about this season!

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