Hawaii Bound

Hawaii Bound

I am so excited to head to Hawaii this weekend, I am literally counting down the minutes that I have left of work.There's 422 in case you were wondering. I'm sort of a procrastinator when it comes to packing so now that it's getting down to the wire I'm sort of starting to stress a little about what to bring. I figured that my best bet would be to pack light with some flowy dresses, kimonos and shorts because they're super easy and I can just throw them on over my swimsuits. I'll definitely bring a jacket and stuff in case the weather is rainy but of course the most important thing that I will be bringing and wearing constantly will be sunscreen.

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Kiss Your Heart Out & A Bachelor Recap

Photos by: Lindsay Teter
Tank: c/o Lucy & Lyla
Cardigan: c/o Lucy & Lyla
Shoes: J.Crew
Watch: Fossil

I wish this tank was still available at Lucy and Lyla because I LOVE it so much! I actually wore it on Valentine's Day when we went shooting. I paired it with my red and black plaid flannel shirt to be more festive. This outfit is a little more edgy than what I typically wear, but I really like all of the different textures. 

Have you guys been watching The Bachelor?!?!? My husband and I are loving this season, and yesterday's episode didn't disappoint. Even though there really isn't anymore drama between the girls (my husband thinks that is the best part of the show), I really like the last two girls in the running for Chris's heart. I feel like they could live in Arlington with Chris and are there for the right reasons. And guess what?!?! The girls finally got to leave the country! I have felt like it was kind of refreshing for this season to stay in the U.S. (and New Mexico for those who think it's out of the country) because I felt like the dates were ideal dates that you do in your every day life. Yes they did get boring, BUT I really liked a lot of the dates and have saved them for dates that I can do with my husband.

Okay okay...back to the episode. I really really like Whitney. I feel like she's very mature, and she's ready for the next step in her life. I felt HORRIFIED when they showed her on the boat with Chris. Did anybody else notice her spray tan?! Her knees and ankles were so orange. I kept yelling at the t.v. to put a towel over herself, but she didn't. 

I felt bad that this episode was all about Becca's virginity. Was it really necessary to keep going on and on about it? I really like her and it made my heart sink when she told Chris because he is such a horn dog that I didn't want him to kick her off just for that. Obviously things went well though, and Chris wasn't too hung up on that little tid bit from Becca.

Okay....the rose ceremony. Although I felt a little bit awkward about their get up, it was cool that they embraced the culture of Bali. Chris obviously really likes Becca because he tried to understand where she was coming from from previous conversation at the fantasy suite. Becca likes to take things slow (good for her!), but that doesn't always work on The Bachelor. Especially with Chris who wants a wife right away. So they talk things out, and the other girls think that Becca is getting sent home. But BAH BAH BAAAHHHHH....she comes back with Chris. And she gets a rose. Kaitlyn has to feel like someone gut punched her. I feel bad. Kaitlyn was growing on me, but I thought it was pretty obvious that she wouldn't survive in rural Arlington with farmer Chris. Her departure was really sad, and Chris was making it all about him and kept saying things like I probably made a mistake and I don't know what I'm doing (okay...please stop Chris). NOT the right thing to say to a girl who you just booted off the show. 

Anyway....I feel bad for Kaitlyn. Break ups are hard, and I'm sure they're even worse when you know it will make national television and cameras will be in your face. So do you think she'll be the next Bachelorette? My husband thinks she is it, but I just don't know! I guess we will find out next week on The Women Tell All! I'm SUPER excited because this is one of my favorite episodes of the whole season. I can't wait for all of the drama to come out and to hear more of the behind the scenes gossip that happened at the mansion. Next Monday can't come soon enough!

Thanks for reading! xox

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Jewelry that Won't Break Your Budget

Simple Gold Bracelet: c/o Strands
Turquoise and Gold Fringe Necklace: c/o Strands
Kimono: Tilly's (old) // Similar
Tee: Target
Jeans: Target
Flats: Target 
Watch: Arvo

Wow, my weekend flew by! But really, don't they always? This week is going to be a busy but very long week for me because this weekend I'm leaving on a greatly needed vacation to Hawaii! I've never been there before so I'm really excited! And maybe only a little nervous to fly over the ocean for the first time... For those of you who have been to Hawaii, any recommendations for me on places to go and see or items to bring? 

I also feel like I need to share with you some really important information. If you're ever in the market for some really great quality jewelry that you can still actually afford, you need to go check out Strands. I am in love with literally all of their pieces! It was a real struggle trying to pick my favorites because seriously I could wear all of it. At the same time. They also have some really cute tops available and some great items on sale as well! 

Have a great day!

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Friday Links and Sales

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited it's Friday because I'm going out with some of my girlfriends tonight from college, and I can't wait! After my past 3 weeks of busy weekends out of town, I'm excited to have a relaxing one with my hubby and friends. Since I'm so excited to see my friends tonight, I decided to put up one of my favorite quotes from The Alison Show (she has a whole series of how to be awesome, which is AWESOME and 100% true). I'm thankful for Whitney and Amanda for equally investing in me! And I'm so glad that we are still friends after 4 years :)

Okay...sorry I'll try to keep the rest of the links short ;)

All of you bachelor fans-make sure to read Chris's bachelor recaps HERE

I need another pair of black pants, and luckily American Eagle is offering $10 off their jeans HERE

Kate Spade Saturday is having a 40% off sale with the code SHOP40. My favorites: HERE / HERE / HERE

My friend Jana blogged about affording fashion blogging HERE.

I tried the Paula Dorf Perfect Color and LOVED it! You can find it HERE. Post coming tomorrow.

I've been using the Rhada Beauty Eye Gel and have been noticing a difference. I'll post later today about it. You can find it HERE.

Pink Blush is having an amazing sale HERE.

Mindy Mae's Market just added a bunch of items to their clearance section HERE.

Juliana's Boutique has really cute new arrivals (you can use code "arrowsandapricots" for 10% off your purchases). You can check out my favorites HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE.

2 days left to enter the Nordstrom gift card giveaway HERE

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Make sure to check back for my post tonight and tomorrow!
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Mama Bear

Hoodie: Loved By Hannah and Eli (this style unavailable but so many other cute hoodies and shirts HERE!)
Jeans: American Eagle // Similar
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Arvo
Bracelets: Alex and Ani //  c/o Strands

I've been following Loved By Hannah and Eli on Instagram for a while now, They have super cute sweatshirts, tee shirts and hoodies and I knew that needed one, even though they say mama bear and I definitely wasn't quite a mama bear. Well to my dogs I am, but I didn't want to have to explain to everyone every time I wore it that it wasn't a pregnancy announcement. Then something miraculous happened and I did become pregnant and I was so excited because I could finally get my floral mama bear sweatshirt that I had been lusting over for so so long! I went to grab it because I obviously needed it right away, and the saddest day happened... The one I needed was no longer available. Hormonal and all, I about cried but I stayed strong. The next day something wonderful happened, I saw a post on instagram that there would be a limited amount of the floral hoodie available at like 10 am. I was so excited because this was it, I was finally going to get it! And you better believe that the second it appeared I snatched that baby up! Success!
When it arrived I fell in love and I was super impressed by the quality. I am really sad that it isn't available in this style anymore but the other options they have are so cute as well! You really need to check them out! 

PS there is also a section for the littles with shirts that say Sleepy Bear and Grumpy Bear and Man Cub and other cute things like that. That you need. And don't forget to enter the giveaway below!

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Nordstrom Giveaway!

Today is Jacque from Looks for Lovelies blog birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to win a $200 Nordstrom gift card and find some beautiful new pieces for spring! Today I've teamed up with Looks For Lovelies, a style and beauty blogger celebrating her 1 year mark in blogging and 7 other gorgeous bloggers to bring you this $200 Nordstrom Giveaway. The giveaway will run from 9 am Wednesday, February 18 til midnight Sunday, February 22. Enter for a chance to win a $200 Nordstrom gift card in the Rafflecopter below. Best Wishes!
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PB&J Boutique

Shirt: c/o PB&J Boutique
Cardigan: old // Similar
Pants: Cotton On // Similar
Booties: Target (old) // Similar

It has been so warm here lately (until today) that my mind is in full spring mode. I am ready for the flowers and warm weather. Oh and did I forget to mention how ready for the spring clothes I am? I see a summer of flowy dresses and shirts in my future so I was so excited when we discovered the cutest boutique! PB&J Boutique is a vintage inspired online shop and seriously they have some of they cutest flowy, boho styles and so so much more to choose from it's a must see for sure. I especially love the top I have on because it gives my growing bump a bit of wiggle room so I can enjoy wearing it now or later. 

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Leopard Baseball Tee via LulaRoe

Photography: Lindsay Teter

Tee: c/o LulaRoe by Brielle (Use code "BRIELLEDUBOIS for free shipping)
Flats: Tory Burch
Necklace: c/o Mindy Mae's Market (on sale!)
Bracelets: Alex & Ani / Taylor Morgan
Watch: Fossil

Have you guys heard of LulaRoe?? I hadn't heard of it until my friend Brielle started selling it (You can find her blog HERE). They have so many cute clothes! I really liked this baseball tee because it has the leopard sleeves. I have a slight obsession with leopard and baseball tee's, and I wear this shirt all the time!

Did you guys watch The Bachelor last night??? I was so excited that it's the two night edition because obviously I'm obsessed with The Bachelor. I was so excited to watch Andi's interview, but I felt SO bad the whole time. She is completely heart broken! And it's probably even worse sense it's in the public eye. Kelsey is just crazy, and I thought it was hilarious that the producers were putting up footage of her contradicting her statements. And last but not least....Brit. What was she thinking??? Well, I know what she was thinking, but it was super inappropriate of her to say how she felt in front of the girls. I guess we will see what happens tonight! xox
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