Sequin Tee

I ordered this shirt off of from Greenish about a month ago and I cant believe its taken me this long to show you. First of all, there's sequins on the sleeves. What more do I need to say? I love the color, its such a pretty blush and the rose-ish pink sequins complement it so well. There are other beautiful color choices as well. The cut of the shirt is loose fitting and in my opinion, very flattering. It's not boxy or awkward. This is one of those shirts that is completely comfortable to stand alone and take all of the credit. I paired it with a some jeans and a pair of black oxfords and loved how I came together. 
Are you getting married anytime soon? Have your bridesmaids wear this with a high waited pencil skirt and some heels. The sequins add a pop of glam to the outfit and it photographs so well it will look amazing!
 Follow @thegreenishshop on instagram so you can snag one the next time they go up on or contact Summer from Greenish if you have questions about it, she is seriously the sweetest!


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