Kameleonz Sunglasses

Photography: Lindsay Teter
Sunglasses: c/o Kameleonz

Ah Kameleonz. We absolutely LOVE these sunglasses. You can change the side arms to different colors depending on what you're feeling that day. Shawna went with the classic matte black, and I decided to be a little more on the daring side and use a turquoise arm set.  I also really like these sunglasses because they are so gender neutral. I can just keep them in my purse and whoever needs sunglasses can use them. My husband would rather squint a whole car ride than wear my girly looking sunglasses (you know-the big bug eyed ones), so these are perfect to have! Plus-they will probably be my most worn sunglasses.

Kameleonz is also offering a 25% off discount when you use the code 'elf'. We hope you guys have a great rest of your week! We are taking off for a little Christmas break, but will be back to blogging next week. We hope your Christmas is spent with loved ones and friends. xox
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