Dr. Brown's New Options Bottles

Well hey there! Long time no see! It has been a busy couple of months for me so I needed to take a little time off from the posts and although I can't say things have really slowed down for me at all now with the arrival of my handsome little guy, I thought I'd get back in it and share something that has really helped me and my husband out in this completely new aspect of our lives. 

I'll just say it, breastfeeding is hard. As I'm sure most of you know all too well, it is definitely tough to get used to and really hard to plan your life around. I'm only about three weeks in to it so I know it's still new and things will get easier (I hope) but I can tell you that my nocturnal baby who loves to snack every hour at night is exhausting. I do love the bonding time I get with my little guy and all of the cuddles but lets be honest, I would love for my husband to get the chance to help out and get some bonding time in with him as well. Not to mention I will be returning to school to finish up my last couple of weeks so we were really hoping he would also take a bottle since I will have to be gone for six hours a night. So we decided to try out the new Options bottle from Dr. Browns and it was a hit!

Some of my favorite things about these bottles are that they have a removable vent system that helps reduce colic and gassiness plus they fit most breast pumps so I can just pump directly into the bottle and pop on the vent and the nipple and I'm all set to feed! In my opinion, this also helps with the gassiness because the less transferring you have to do of the breast milk, the less air bubbles are created. This also helps preserve vitamins in breast milk that other systems may cause to break down.  

I won't lie, I was super nervous to introduce a bottle to him this early because I was scared he wouldn't want to go back to breastfeeding and that I would be losing out on that time with him but now I can say that I'm glad that we did because he seems happy to go back and forth and I feel like getting him used to both before I go back to school and work was a good idea so he didn't get too used to just breastfeeding and not accept the bottle later. 

Bringing a baby into this world has been by far the most amazing and difficult time of my life but I don't know how we ever lived without him! I'm so glad to have him around and I know that there will be hard days and nights but there are so many great things out there that help make thing just a little bit easier and I'm so grateful for each and every one of them. 

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