Back to School with a Little One

Hey there! It's still busy as ever here in my household! I've recently had to return to school to finish up my last couple of weeks and let me tell you how stressed I was to leave my little guy for six hours a night every night! So stressed! Luckily my husband was so great and helpful while I've been back. He has loved having the one on one time with Nixon because let's be serious, I kind of hog him most of the time. I try not to but it's so hard! 
We have loved how convenient it is for Trav to be able to toss in some pumped milk into our Dr Brown's Deluxe bottle warmer while I'm gone and have it at the perfect temp for feedings. We've even taken advantage of it at night because after many long nights we found that this little guy sleeps so much better when he has a bottle before bed. If not then he just seems to graze for hours on end and that results in a very sleep deprived momma. We're a huge fan of the Gia nursing pillow as well because it has an incline that helps with digestion. And we all know that a happy baby is not a gassy one so we do all we can to avoid that issue! 

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