Baby Registry Must-Haves and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey there! Having a baby has been the most exciting yet overwhelming time of my life. I remember finding out that I was pregnant and immediately beginning my research to find all the best baby necessities. That part was super overwhelming! And don't get me started on when I actually registered for my showers. Holy cow, there's SOOOOO much to choose from out there! Which items are musts and which ones aren't? Well, now that I have a tiny bit of experience under my belt and I have learned what products are great and which aren't really necessary, I thought that I would share them with you! 

I've teamed up with Dr. Brown's to put together a list of must haves for your baby registry. Make sure you check out the amazing GIVEAWAY we are doing with Dr. Brown's on our Instagram!

This is pretty obvious. You definitely want to do your research on this item considering how important it is for your child's safety. I would recommend picking the highest rated car seat you can that also allows your child to still use it as he grows. They are expensive so get as much use out of it as you can!

This bottle has been a great addition to our family. It is created to help digestion and helps reduce feeding issues. It's also compatible with most breast pumps and I love that because that means less transferring of milk and less air bubbles.

I LOVE this cover so much. I probably use it mostly for a car seat cover and I can't tell you how many complements I've received on it. I love how easily it stretches over the carseat and that you can also use it to cover a cart seat and for a nursing cover. 

This pillow was designed by a lactation and is angled to position baby at an incline to help with digestion and prevent reflux. It places baby right at the perfect height and really helps make feeding super comfortable for both mom and baby.

These are great pacifiers that help lower the pressure in the mouth caused by sucking which in turn helps prevent future dental issues.

This wrap is so comfortable for me. I love how easy it is to use and how secure it feels. It's so nice to have Nixon so close to me and I love that it gives me the ability to have my hands free to get other things done.

This makes things so easy when you need to heat up a bottle of milk or sterilize small items for baby. It's super easy to use and comes with time recommendations so you don't have to play the guessing game when you're heating up milk.

Drying racks fill up quick, take up space and bottles seem to always fall all over the place so this drying rack is ideal because the items actually stay on it and it folds down when you don't need it so it can easily be stored.

This dishwasher basket is great for all of the little items, teethers and pacifiers that you need to toss into the dishwasher to sterilize. It keeps it all together and flexes to fit oddly shaped items. 

Some advice I was given by most of my mom friends when I was pregnant was to just go for the City Select stroller. They had all already experienced buying cheaper strollers and realizing that they 1. didn't like it and/or 2. they would need to buy another one as their child or family grows. So I did what they said and am so glad! I LOVE this stroller and so does my husband. It rides super smooth and adjusts so easy to fit your needs. I can easily fold it down flat to fit in the back of my car. 

Both of these teethers are great and help stimulate the gums and mouth. They're easy to hold and have multiple surfaces for baby to bite on. Nixon loves them!

This is one of those items that I can't live without now. My babe sleeps in his crib every night and I love that I can watch him with this monitor and I know that if, heaven forbid, anything bad were to happen and he were to stop breathing, that I would know right away so I could do something about it immediately. 

These little wipe packs are so convenient to toss into the diaper bag. They offer a Tooth and Gum wipes, Nose and Face wipes and Pacifier and Bottle wipes. I love that I can just grab the pack I need and quickly wipe his face or pacifier if I need to quickly clean up. And the best part is that they are naturally derived and free from alcohol and parabens so you know you can feel comfortable using them on their face or mouth. 

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Good Luck!

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