Glamour Gels Nail Bar Review

Hey there! Long time no see! I've been busy lately with life, you know how it is. One day you realize its been like 3 months since you've posted last and you think, "what have I even been doing?!" Yeah, I don't even know haha. Oh well. I did want to make sure all of you locals to northern Utah knew about my new favorite place to treat yourself though! If you are a gel nail connoisseur or even if you aren't, you need to know about the cutest salon, Glamour Gels Nail Bar located in Sandy, Utah. I've recently started going there and seriously, their gel is magic! They have created an amazing gel that lasts for so long without chips, lifts or cracks! They even guarantee them for 3 weeks after your appointment and will fix them if they do chip crack or lift which is unheard of! 

I have a really embarrassing pic of my nails 6 weeks after having them done that I want you to see because, aside from the major regrowth, the gel still looks amazing and has zero chips or scratches. and it left my nails feeling so strong with is also unusual when you use gel or shellac. 

After 6 weeks. Yikes! But that gel held up!

Right after appointment. Color is called Allure and made into a matte. I'm obsessed with them and the shape and stare at them all day. 

You need to go there if you are into gel nails or even if you ever get your nails done. They also offer pedicures! Go treat yourself! You'll fall in love!

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Jacket: Similar // Tee: Similar (mine is also from men's dept.) // Chambray Top: Here // Jeans: Similar // Shoes: Similar

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  1. That is really nice review, I love the white nail color and I must say it attracted me. Thank you for sharing it with us