Gender Reveal: How-To

How fun is this new trend to do a "gender reveal"? It seems like in the past few years more and more people have been doing them. When we found out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted to reveal the gender in a creative way and immediately started thinking of ideas. Good old Pinterest was a big help there! We decided on keeping it pretty simple with still having the element of surprise! Opening a box full of colored balloons it was going to be!

We decided to find out the gender in the ultrasound with just Chad and I, then reveal the gender to our family afterwards. We thought about being surprised and finding out along with everyone else, but we wanted to share that moment together with just the two of us. And let me tell you... I'm so glad we did. Let's just say the waterworks were flowing! It was such a special moment for us and we were able to let it sink in before we shared the news. 

Before the ultrasound, I got everything ready so all we had to do was buy the balloons and put them in the box. 

I bought an extra-large moving box from Home Depot for a whopping $2.12. Score! 

Then covered it with brown craft paper that I got from Michael's for $5.99...

I used Martha Stewart's Chalkboard Paint in black to draw the heart, which I also bought at Michael's for $5.99...

Used some chalk I already had and we were good to go! 

After the ultrasound, we headed to Zurchers to get balloons. We got ten balloons and splurged on the big one ($20 for one gigantic balloon? Yikes!) 

We met our immediate family members and a few close friends at my parent's house for the big reveal. It was SO fun to surprise them and see the reaction on their faces! Such a fun, memorable day! 

There you have it... simple, inexpensive Gender Reveal! 

By the way (if you haven't noticed)... IT'S A BOY! We are absolutely thrilled and can't wait to meet our little guy soon! 
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  1. I love this idea! Thanks for the tutorial on how to do it. Love your blog. Hoping you can drop by and check out mine too!!