Friday Favorites

Friday Fall Favorites

This edition of our Friday Fall Favorites is dedicated to accessories. Mainly the two I am obsessed with right now, wool hats and sunglasses.

I wear my wool hats anytime I get the chance. You might notice they show up in most of my pictures. They go with so much, I love mixing and matching them around with different styles. I'm still trying to get up enough guts to attempt wearing one to work, my office has a super lax dress code but I don't know how it would go over.... I'll keep you posted.

My obsession with sunglasses is strange. I love them so much but I can't actually wear them. Which is probably why I am so obsessed with them. You see, I wear glasses and am unable to wear contacts so therefore I can't wear any of the cute sunglasses I always seem to come across because I can't actually see with them, but of course I still buy them. It's a problem. One day I'll break down and get prescription sunglasses (even though the commitment to one style scares me) but until then I'll just keep sacrificing actually being able to see clearly so I can wear sunglasses. (Don't worry, I make my husband drive when I want to wear them.)

What are your favorite fall accessories??

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  1. Great sunglasses! Do you have links! I still remember the first pair of sunglasses I bought after getting contacts (10 years ago). I've been obsessed with buying new pairs ever since!

  2. Super obsessed with the floppy hat trends! Love your picks!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner