Early August

Photos by Lindsay Teter

Happy Monday! First let me tell you-the gold confetti pictures took multiple tries. The wind was pretty crazy, and the confetti kept blowing back in our faces. I even had confetti stuck on my teeth! Anyway....as you probably already know, Shawna and I love gold jewelry. When Alisha (the owner of Early August), sent us over pictures of her new line of jewelry we knew we had to get some. I love the simplicity of her line. Her bracelets are perfect for stacking-and I love wearing all of the gold rings! The best part about her jewelry? It's affordable :) When I received our package from Early August, it was wrapped all cute, and even had some really cute confetti in the box! It made it even more fun to open. Pipah (my dog) even got excited and took off with some of the confetti. 

Go check out Early August! You won't be disappointed. 
 photo ChelseaSignature_zps7075414d.png


  1. I love their stuff! Thanks for the post!

  2. Where did you get your "&" necklace?

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