Keeping Cool and Comfortable

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The weather around here lately has been pretty typical for a Utah spring, nice and sunny one day, pouring rain (sometimes snow) the next. The last few days have been nice but now we're in for another rainy weekend. Always perfect timing to get yard work done, right? 

The rainy days always remind me of fall and make me want to cuddle up and watch movies all day but since those days usually fall on my only free time I really have to take advantage of it and get stuff done. To keep myself comfortable in the ever changing weather I like to pair a cardigan over my basic tee and keep it a little springy with my white maternity jeans(that I looove). It's warm enough for the cooler days and I can easily remove the cardigan if it heats up half way through the day. 

I like wearing layers lately because I do tend to get a little warmer with this little heater in my belly so I try to keep my outfits comfortable yet versatile so if I need to adjust while on the go, I can and I don't have to go home and change my entire outfit.

I hope you have a great Thursday! Yay for it almost being the weekend! 

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  1. That is a beautiful and comfortable outfit that you are wearing. I really like that statement necklace that you are wearing.

    Diary of Elegance