Pink Blush Clearance Sale Ending Tonight!

Jeans: American Eagle // Similar
Shoes: Target // Similar

Hey there! Happy Tuesday! Things are getting a little tight around here and I'm sure that with only 8 weeks left (WHAT?!) are quickly going to get a lot more snug so I've been living in my more loose fitting maternity clothes. I'm loving this striped top, it's so comfy like I'm lounging around in a hoodie but it's a tee so I'm still staying cool even as the days are warming up! 

We are getting so much closer to having our perfectly timed remodel finished up (mostly) and I can't even express to you my excitement. I will literally have the nursery set up the second his floors are done, I don't care what time it is, it's happening. I feel like I've had to suppress my nesting phase since everything has been torn up so it will come out in full force here soon! I can't even wait. 

PS get an additional 50% off clearance Pink Blush Maternity items right now with code SALEONSALE50. 

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  1. Pinkblush is my favorite maternity line! Already made my purchase! :)

    The Mrs. & Co.