Winter Wear with JORD Wood Watches

So, if you live somewhere like northern Utah where it seems like winter is eternal then I'm sure you can totally relate to how I'm feeling right about now. Come February I am so very ready for some warmer weather and just for the freshness of spring to start because like I said, winter here seems to drag on and on once mid January hits. It seems colder than December to me, the air quality is terrible, it's hard to find activities to keep me and my little guy occupied during the day, it's just a stagnant time. While there are a lot of cons to this time of year, there are some pros for me too. The part that keeps me going is that we still get to wear our cozy flannels and coats and layers and really that is my favorite part about living in a place with such different seasons. 
My husband is way more in to the warmer times of the year and I know he would rather live somewhere where winter is almost nonexistent but since we aren't planning on leaving this area anytime soon, he likes to keep warm in nice flannels and boots and he looks good (although he isn't a huge fan of being photographed so you get some good arm shots and that's about it) so I won't complain! He is a big fan of unique watches as well so he was pretty excited about the new JORD wood watch that he recently received. He loves the way it looks with his flannels and that he can easily dress it up or down depending on his mood and the weather. Seriously this watch is beautiful and I really can't believe it's made out of wood. The quality is amazing and it arrived in a gorgeous wood box so you can store it and keep it clean. 
Although this watch arrived for him, I might have to sneak it into an outfit or two of mine as well. I think it's a perfect men's watch and also looks great as a women's watch! I'm all about those transitional pieces. 

Good news! I've teamed up with JORD to do a giveaway! One lucky winner will win a $100 credit to put towards a watch of their choice and more good news, everyone else who enters will get a $25 credit to put towards a watch as well! The giveaway will close on 2/19 at 11:59 PM. Click the link below to enter!

Good luck! 
 photo ShawnaSignature_zps0ddb3ced.png

Watch: c/o JORD Wood Watches // Flannel: Similar


  1. This is awesome and the wooden built is really amazing. Where can I get one for myself? This is sure to make my friends jealous.

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  3. Over the long term, the stress and over-winding effect could cause your watch to lost the accuracy of the time; and could very well result in irreversible main-spring defect to your valuable watches. Montre Pinko

  4. Over the long term, the stress and over-winding effect could cause your watch to lost the accuracy of the time; and could very well result in irreversible main-spring defect to your valuable watches. Montre Pinko

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