Nautical Baby Shower

When Shawna and I found out that Courtney was pregnant, we could not have been more excited! We knew that we wanted to throw her a baby shower, and we were just waiting to find out what she was having. Baby Richards is a boy, so we decided to go along with his nursery theme and do a nautical shower with blues, white, and gold. 

I was browsing through Pinterest one day trying to get some inspiration for invitations and came across these BEAUTIFUL invitations from The Paper Heart Company and immediately fell in love. I loved that they went with the nautical theme, yet were still girly enough for showering Courtney and her baby boy. The girls at The Paper Heart Company had the invitation customized for me within 48 hours and they were great to work with.

Shawna was so kind to bring over all of her rustic type decorations to help decorate my house the night before (I am still in the early stages of decorating), and even our husbands got in on the decorating action by taking apart my bedroom door and moving our couches in there so we had enough seating for everyone. Shawna and I have some pretty great husbands because we were decorating for about 4 hours. They even went and picked us up some food! 

(side note: I took the pictures before most of the people had arrived, and so some of the things are missing. oh well!) 

We had so much help with the shower, and Courtney's friends from high school were nice to bring food items as well and help put the finishing touches on the shower before people arrived. 

I loved getting to meet Courtney's friends from high school because they also grew up with my husband! It was just fun to talk and laugh with just the girls. The food was delicious, and Courtney got some really fun things for her baby. 

Since this was back in September (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!?), Courtney has had her baby boy! We absolutely adore him, and love getting to spend time with the new addition to the friend group. (Our friend group is made up of 10 couples. The boys have been best friends since high school, some earlier than that, and now all of the wives are best friends too!). 

Thanks for stopping by! xox

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  1. Beautiful photos! All ladies are looking gorgeous. Recently threw my sister a baby bridal shower at one of Los Angeles event venues. All family and some friends were invited there. The party was arranged by me with my cousin’s help.