Winter Neutrals

Boots: Nordstrom
Stroller: City Select
Stroller Cover: Covered Goods

Hey guys! So I don't know about you but by this time pretty much every January I am so over winter and ready for it to warm up. I think this year even more than usual because we've had so much snow already. I feel like once February hits though then we are on the up and up so I'll keep looking forward to that. My favorite part of winter though is that I can get away with wearing so many neutral outfits. Which is good for me since we all know I have a hard time stepping outside of the neutrals box. Seriously you should see my closet, theres a very small section of color in there for when I'm feeling adventurous. Anywho, this cardigan from Old Navy has been one of my favorite winter staples this year. I wear it probably too much but hey, that's okay. I love the boyfriend fit because I love baggier tops probably as much as I love my winter neutrals. One of my favorite tops I love to pair it with is this tee from PB&J Boutique. I love the geometric design on it and that it fits loose like a tunic. Pair it with my favorite distressed skinny jeans and voila, my go to outfit. You can't really go wrong with this kind of outfit. As long as you feel good then I'd say you're good to go. I'm also proud to say that this fall I picked up my first pair of Hunter boots. My question to myself now is WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! But really though, these babies are so perfect for rainy and snowy days. Or not rainy or snowy days. I wear them pretty much all the time regardless of the weather. I even found an affordable forest green pair at Costco a while back that I had to have as well so I went from no Hunters to two in one season and I'm really okay with it. 

Two of my must have accessories since I've had Nixon have become my Fawn Design diaper bag and my Covered Goods nursing cover. I don't leave my house without either one. Seriously, if you have a baby, are pregnant, aren't either but you want some cute things, check these out! I get so many complements on both! Plus they just make my life so much easier because they're so convenient. Even my husband loves them both. He gets jealous when I get to wear the diaper bag when we're out. Not weird. ;)

Have such a great day!
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