Christmas Gift Idea - smarTrike 3-in-1 Activity Center Trampoline

Hey there! I know what you're thinking, Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS! Christmas will be here in 4 short weeks! AH!!! Don't panic though, you can do this! Although this time of year is outrageously busy for a lot of us, don't fret and make the most of this fun time with your families! Start some traditions! This is such a fun time of year and it's hard not to let it become overwhelming and stressful but always remember what's the most important thing, family! I also want to admit that I've had our tree up since the beginning of November. I might be a little excited especially since Nixon is way more into it this year so I just want to show him all of the fun and magic of the season. Don't worry though, we don't forget about Thanksgiving! Growing up, my house was always fully decorated for Christmas for Thanksgiving dinner so it's not even weird to me at all. Plus, I need more than a month to enjoy that tree, I mean, come on! 

So, we couldn't wait and we decided to surprise Nixon with a bit of an early gift (then we'll probably hide it and regift it to him for Christmas, that's not mean right? haha) thanks to smarTrike and he loves it! It's the smarTrike 3-in-1 Activity Center Trampoline from Toys R Us and it adjusts into three age appropriate activities(pictured below) to keep your little ones active. Nixon is 15 months now so he's been enjoying the ball pit and he loves it! He is able to climb in and out of it on his own and play with it as he pleases. The only thing is that I don't think it comes with quite enough of the balls though so I would recommend buying some more if this is something you're grabbing for your little ones this year but Nixon didn't seem to mind! He just brought a bunch of his toys in there with him! He's not quite big enough for the trampoline part of this yet but I can't even wait for him to experience that! I know he'll love it!

Ball pit for ages 12 months and up. Nixon loves it!

For 2 years and up you can flip it over and it turns into a trampoline with a handle bar to help keep them steady and safe while they're bouncing away! It will help develop balance and keep them active even if you're stuck inside during a cold winter!

The third stage is for around 3 and up, and once they're confident enough you can remove the handle and it turns into a little personal trampoline! And its great because it all folds down super flat so its easy to store under your bed or in a closet without taking up a bunch of space.  

I hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy spending time with your families! And if you're braving the crowds this friday, be careful! It can get pretty intense out there! I'm not sure if this activity center will be on sale for Cyber Monday or this weekend but I'll watch it and let you know if it is!

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smarTrike 3-in-1 Activity Center Trampoline c/o smarTrike. All opinions are my own. 


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